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Trees Are Living Organisms

Arboricultural management practices are in basic alignment with the fact that trees are living organisms. It recognizes the common biological characteristics of all living things. We cause as little injury as possible whenever we work on trees. That is why we use climbing tools and aids to get around trees rather than using spikes that are only used to remove trees. Pruning is an intentional injury, but doing it with the greater good of the tree in mind. In general, less is more is our philosophy. Smaller pruning cuts get compartmentalized and heal faster. Under this principle, we at Asheville Arborists make a wound on a tree that is the smallest possible. Every area the tree is cut receives an area of decay. Damaged wood tissue is open to decay. With proper pruning cuts outside the branch collar, the tree's internal mechanisms can compartmentalize that decay. This takes thoughtful deliberation. Any pruning we do minimizes the area of an open wound. Adopting this policy facilitates wound closure, reduction in infection and decay, and allows for faster recovery. We work in unison with the trees we prune to provide the best outcomes.

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