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Lewis Builders of Asheville

Asheville Arborists did a Great Job! - Very professional and thorough. The crew was very informative and wanted nothing more than to make sure I was satisfied. Strongly recommended for any tree care.​

Robert Chetwynd

Great service! Asheville Arborists removed a couple of crusty, dead ash trees that were leaning over my house and did some much-needed pruning of a few other sizable trees on our property. The crew showed up on time; they were all very professional, and when they left, my yard was cleaner than when they arrived. Nich and Jeannie were both very responsive when questions arose. I will definitely be using Asheville Arborists in the future for responsible tree care.

Chris O'Neill

Amazing service from start to finish. Beginning with Jeannie helping with arrangements on getting an estimate/service scheduled. When their crew arrived, led by Ryan. Professionalism was top-notch!  They even made sure any wildlife hiding in bushes were unharmed.

Charles Vasey

Asheville Arborists removed a large fallen Hemlock and some difficult-to-reach limbs for us. They were prompt, efficient, and highly professional. At the completion of their work, we couldn't tell they had been there; the cleanup was so thorough. We would certainly recommend their services.​

Kris vK

Nich and his crew completed a large scope 3-day job at our 14-acre residential urban forest this month, consisting of tree trimming, dead tree removal, and groundwork. They brought several skilled arborist climbers and excellent ground men (Jake). They efficiently utilized a bucket truck, chipper, and mini skid steer to get the work done. Per usual, Billy managed the process very well. They left us a mountain of wood chips that will make great mulch.
As in the past, they managed the work well and got a lot done within the allotted time. They know our property well, and we trust them implicitly. Great work, great value; I can't say enough good things about Asheville Arborists.​


As an employee of Asheville Arborists, I knew who was the best choice to do my tree work. The guys were so professional, and it made me proud to work for such an amazing company! They worked together like a well-oiled machine and got everything I wanted to be done in a fast but safe way. It was hard to believe they could climb so high without fear and were able to take on the challenge of taking down my large Black Walnut that has been worrisome to us. I took pictures and will post them on Facebook. Thanks Ashe Arb, for not only being a great employer but also for providing top-quality services in Asheville and surrounding areas. I am proud to work here!

Rob Hoffman

"We are thrilled with the work Nich and the Asheville Arborists team did on our property in Arden. They were very open to discussing the scope of the project in advance and reconfirmed on the day when the work was performed. The whole team worked safely, efficiently, and most importantly with a great sense of the tree's shape and well-being. They left the job only after a great clean up which we greatly appreciate. I highly recommend them. They were a pleasure to work with!"​

Louis Boram

Nich and the crew at Asheville Arborists were professional and appropriately tactful in carrying out the technical expertise needed to remove an enormous, long-dead oak tree in a dense residential setting; the towering tree was three feet from a house and required crane access through an accommodating neighbor's yard.  The planned two-day tree removal job went off exactly as planned.​

Deb M.

Our Homeowner Insurance Company advised us that it would be wise for the trees in front of our home to be trimmed down or removed. Researching Arborists, I came across a local company. Wanting to support local businesses I gave them a call. Asheville Arborists were quick to respond. They set up an appointment, came to our home, surveyed the situation, and gave us a few good options. We chose to have the failing trees removed. They arrived on time, kept me abreast of their work from start to finish, all while maintaining a safe removal process.  A huge thank you to Nich Maidment, Susan, and the entire team at Asheville Arborists for their knowledgeable, professional work and stress-free experience.​

Bill Slawter

I have a heavily wooded lot and have required the services of arborists and tree cutters many times through the years. Asheville Arborists has just completed the largest project I have ever had, removing 24 Ash trees that were decimated by the Emerald Ash Borer. Nich and his crew are a hard-working, energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, safety-minded, and professional bunch of people and they did a great job for me at a fair price. They took every precaution to protect the surrounding trees and my house. I will call upon them again for my future needs and highly recommend them to all.​

Norma Bradley

What a great team who knows what they are doing. We had two other companies try to remove the large tree in our yard and couldn't do the removal. The tree was close to our house in West Asheville and had neighboring houses close by. Asheville Arborists had the right equipment. It was a pleasure to observe them at work. The cleanup was perfect. Will certainly use them again.

T. Nolann

Hey Asheville Arborists.............. your guys are finishing up and I have to tell you they are just terrific. We liked them 4 years ago and they are still as good as ever. These guys have worked their butts off all day long. They are polite, treat the customer with respect, listen to things we have to say, and are just generally a pleasure to work with. Best of all, they really know what they're doing and it's nice not to have to worry about pieces and parts of trees falling on your house.

Thanks again for a great job. We have referred you in the past and will continue to do so. I hope ya'll have a wonderful holiday season.......................

Shirley Mitchell

I agree with the other posted reviews, but will add the sensitivity to beauty, and what we wanted to be done. Today, 2 of the crew safely cut down/and up a huge, dead red oak. Previously, we had a large crew, trucks, etc, for major work, especially with hemlocks and rhododendrons. When Asheville Arborists were finished, everything just looked beautiful, and lovely, and natural. Our highest recommendation.

Susan Kelly

We needed two trees removed and four trimmed, and Nich came out to give us an estimate. This was the first time we have ever not gotten more than one estimate for a job. Nich's knowledge and professionalism (along with the company's website), convinced my husband and me Asheville Arborists was who we wanted to hire. They're the best of the best. They worked safely, were careful with our property, and they did a wonderful clean-up job afterward. The estimate was detailed, and their insurance information was presented at the time of the estimate. Would definitely hire them again and we recommend them without hesitation.

Angela Wagner

The entire staff was so professional, responsive, and friendly. I really appreciated the extra effort - they sent me copies of their insurance and bonding before coming to give me an estimate. They broke down the estimate in easy to understand items. They recommended I speak with my neighbor b/c they had to access their yard to remove one of my trees. They confirmed the appointment and their team on-site was super respectful of my property. I left for the day while they worked on my trees. When I returned home, the trees were left neatly piled in my yard and the wood chip was left exactly where I asked. All large limbs seemed to have been cleaned up for me. I could have paid a small fee to have them remove the trees and wood chip, but I had use for them. I have already recommended Asheville Arborists to several neighbors and friends. Great job guys!

Monica Rivas

Since we moved into this house, we’ve hired a couple of great tree guys. All wonderful folks but NONE like Asheville arborists. Confusion with the company name led us to asheville arborists and it was fate! From the get-go they were great! Organized, knowledgeable, professional, fair-priced, JUST amazing! They've been out twice now and recently felled a tree that was certain to damage our fence. There was no margin for error and they pulled it off! They are great at what they do and such great people to deal with.


Sandy & Barbara

Barbara and I just want to say thanks to you all for an amazing job taking down that enormous Ash tree last Friday.  While we were greatly saddened to see it go, we were blown away by the professionalism, experience, and thoughtfulness of the crew.  


The team was amazingly efficient - like a well-oiled machine, and it was clear from the start that they not only knew what they were doing but knew the best way to do it.  They left things in excellent condition, cleaning up and putting things back just as they had found them.


To watch these guys in action was fascinating, from the crane lifting Billy up and over the house to the tree, to his hooking up the bands on the tree trunks themselves, to watching the crane lift the giant trunks up and over our roof and down onto the road, where they were immediately dealt with and shredded by the chipper.  They were here on time and left much sooner than we would have thought possible, leaving everything in excellent shape.  Billy even left a piece of the trunk for us that he thought we might like - in a natural heart shape!  (see photo above). 


George Davis

Asheville Arborists met and exceeded our expectations. The whole staff is professional and courteous. I recommend them for large and/or small jobs.


Trudy Terry

Great job! Would highly recommend! They are very professional and did everything they said they would do and at a reasonable price.


Laurie Henze

I have used Asheville Arborists twice now and they did an amazing job. I would recommend them to anyone in the area.


JoJo Yonce

Asheville arborists really know their stuff. Nich is very knowledgable and professional.


Diane Rogers

A very professional crew who needed both a bucket truck and crane to remove a broken limb on a 100+-year-old black walnut. They were timely and cleaned up as well. Would highly recommend!


Jake Snider

I've seen them in action, and these guys are the real deal. Safety oriented with the tools and know-how to solve all kinds of complicated tree-related problems.


Steve Newbrough

Asheville Arborists did an awesome job taking out a massive dead Oak that was beside my house and in danger of falling into my neighbor's house. They got in and tackled the job quickly and were out before I knew what happened! Also, I learned about the other trees in my yard and their health.


Amy Kettle

We are currently going through a property renovation, and we chose Asheville Arborists as our tree trimming and removal specialists. As an apartment complex, we had to complete the necessary work over a period of several days. Nich was very understanding and flexible to our schedule, and prior to each visit we always received a phone call and/or an email touching base. Our management staff and residents alike are thoroughly pleased with the work and care performed by Asheville Arborists. Not only were the team members professional and personable, but they all also share an undeniable enthusiasm and love for nature and the outdoors. If you are interested in an exceptional job for a reasonable price, I would recommend Asheville Arborists without hesitation. Our apartment complex is one giant step closer to being completed, and looking beautiful once again thanks to Asheville Arborists!


Merita Hensley

Impressive. One word I would choose to describe my experience with Asheville Arborists. I picked that because to me, it sums up all the other words I would pick: professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and dependable. From the first contact, I have had nothing but a great experience. I contacted Asheville Arborists to get their opinion on some hazardous trees. Nich educated me on which ones were safe and healthy and which ones posed a threat. He provided a reasonable quote, set up a schedule and stuck to it, and took great care to not disturb my landscaping and water feature. Just an outstanding job all the way. I will definitely be a return customer.


Adam Grassette



Kerry Bober

I needed a tree removed and several trees cut away from the house and driveway. Asheville Arborists far exceeded my expectations with the way that they shaped my trees leaving my yard good so much better. I would highly recommend Asheville Arborists


Paula Easton

I have used Asheville Arborists for the past two years. They have done a wonderful job getting our Bradford Pear trees in the best condition they have been in. They are very knowledgeable, professional as well as friendly. I would highly recommend Asheville Arborists to anyone.


Michael Biehayn

Asheville Arborists did a very professional job, having all the necessary equipment to easily and efficiently remove a large pine tree and prune several other trees. The yard was neat and tidy when they were done. Nich Maidment thoroughly assessed the health of trees in our yard, noting several issues and defects, but he did not insist we deal with everything immediately. We now know which trees to keep an eye on in coming years. When we need tree services again, we won't hesitate to call Asheville Arborists.


Amy Kettle

The guys were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The job came in at what they bid, which was very reasonable. I would recommend them!


Sandy Baker

Very professional work. Heavy emphasis on safety. Passionate about trees. Would highly recommend.


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