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What is the most common tree planted?

The Sugar Maple is one of the most popular trees planted in WNC and the Asheville area. They're beautiful with bright colors in the fall and they are highly adaptable to the environment. Sugar maples grow well in Western North Carolina. They tolerate soggy soil, droughts, and even some shade. They are also cold-tolerant, which is another reason why Sugar Maples do well in our mountains.

Sugar Maples Attract Wildlife

If you love seeing squirrels, rabbits, and other small animals in your yard, plant a sugar maple. These animals feed on the maple seeds, along with the leaves and buds. Sugar Maples Can Live for 300 Years

When you plant a sugar maple in Asheville, you are adding beauty to the landscape for future generations to enjoy. Sugar maples often live for more than 300 years in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

The best time to prune a sugar maple, then, is in July or August. With the slower sap flow this time of year, the pruning wounds will heal faster, and the tree won't be as prone to fungal infections.

Sugar maples don't require heavy pruning once they're mature, but consistent pruning when the tree is young will ensure it develops a strong, central leader and an attractive shape. Asheville Arborists can help keep your sugar maple trees healthy and beautiful.

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