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We Love Our Chainsaws

for pruning, felling, climbing and rigging. The fun quickly disappears when the saw isn't running or cutting well. Skilled tree care workers know that the first step to running a chainsaw is to suit up in the necessary PPE, chaps, helmets, ear protection, eye protection and gloves.

Your equipment will only perform if you give it the proper care recommended by the manufacturer. Maintenance tasks like tapping out the air filter regularly, sharpening saw chain, managing the right depth gauge height, keeping the chain tensioned, and replacing the bar or sprockets can all be done easily while on the job.

Choosing the right chainsaw is also important. Using a 25 inch guide bar near the chipper to make 6 inch cuts is overkill. Likewise, pruning with the same saw is careless. True professionals will have the right tool per task. I always choose the lightest saw possible paired with the right amount of performance to lighten the fatigue.

When felling a tree, you should be able to cut exactly what is needed and know when the tree should start to fall. Once you hit that point, you can release the throttle, let the saw come to a stop and apply the brake. Practice, dedication and training will get you there.

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