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Arborist Carl Martin

What is the best vacation you ever went on? What made it so special?

I consider my years hitch hiking and packing goats vacation that lasted 8+ years. I've hitch hiked through all 48 continental states and through Scandinavia. It was me and my old dog Jazz. We slept in the weirdest spots and met some super cool people.

If you could live in your dream house, what would it be like?

It'd be a little cabin on a large plot of land and all my good friends would live on the property. We'd grow lots of food, work on our own personal projects and live the rest of our days together.

Are you more of an ocean person or Mountain person? Why?

I'm definitely a mountain person and have no desire to get in the ocean or really any large body of water. I'd much rather walk ridgelines and watch the stillness of alpine lakes. When I lived in N. California I'd sometimes get lost on purpose walking the ridges on top of mountains. I remember one time being 9000 ft or so and it was drop off on either side. A fall would of either killed me or left me stranded in the middle of nowhere and I loved it.

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