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When doing any type of construction work around existing trees, it is important to protect tree roots from harm. Did you know that a trees roots extend out 2-3 times as tall as the tree? Trees need roots in order to stay alive, remain upright, grow larger, reproduce and defend themselves from pests, pathogens and decay. Roots do this by providing trees with stability, access to water, access to nutrients, and cultivating symbiotic relationships with beneficial soil biota. The minimum amount of roots trees need for survival are called the “critical roots.” These critical roots exist in the soil surrounding the tree, called the “Critical Root Zone”.

it is essential that we make the effort to preserve as many roots as possible. Trees provide many services to your site, and smart investment in protection pays dividends in results. We recommend creating a tree protection plan prior to any construction project, which identifies protection areas for trees remaining on site. >>MORE INFO>>

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