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Tree Failure

As a trained Arborist, I regularly inspect a tree and my gear for the likelihood of failure. My crew members are trained to do the same. Clients also ask for assessments. We inspect a tree as we climb for safety. Checks are also made on equipment before and during a climb.

One common idea is to look for defects ahead of a climb. Manufacturers also guide us on when to retire equipment. There is a lot of experience to tell us when equipment has reached its limits.

For trees, the same amount of guidance does not exist. We know what to look out for: such as decay, weak unions, cracks, or cut roots. As trained Arborists, this is what guides our knowledge in knowing potential tree failure.

Regular tree inspections can mitigate tree failure and prevent damage to property. If you are concerned about a tree failing, call us. We provide free estimates that will ensure you have a stable and healthy tree.

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