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Too Much Water?

We have had lots of rain this week in Asheville. Trees can suffer from too much water, they can actually drown. Roots not only get water and nutrients from the soil around them, but they also get oxygen. Well-aerated soil has pockets of air (oxygen), which the roots take up and send to the rest of the tree. When the soil becomes waterlogged, the pockets of air are filled with water. Without oxygen, the roots can die.

Some trees, like sycamore, pawpaw trees, bald cypress, and swamp magnolia thrive in swampy, wet locations. If there are areas of your property where you often have standing water, only plant flood-tolerant trees and plants in that area. Any flood-intolerant species should be planted on higher, well-drained ground.

if you lost trees due to flooding and want to plant new ones, give us a call. We’re happy to recommend the right trees and where to plant them on your property.

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