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The View from a Crane

Removing trees with a crane is one of the most dangerous jobs a crane operator can do. A lot depends on the other people on your team to rig the pieces of wood and cut them proficiently. If a piece has not been cut all the way through, it poses a risk to the crane operator trying to lift it while still attached. For lifting other objects that are too heavy, the crane just won't lift. But that is not necessarily a danger. If a piece of wood has been cut too large to lift, it's a 100% commitment to getting it down without failure. That is why a skilled arborist is needed on site when operating a crane for tree removal. Safety with a crane also includes looking for power lines and watching the terrain. Billy is our lead arborist and he also operates our crane with precision. With our team of expert climbers and arborists, we can be sure safety is number one on our list.

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