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Spring 2021 FREE Tree Giveaway

Help restore our urban canopy with your FREE native tree from Asheville Greenworks. They still have American Sweetgum, Bur Oaks, and Virginia Pines. These trees are going fast, so register today. The deadline is April 18th, but if you wait the trees will be gone.

The City of Asheville alone saw a 6.4% decrease in our urban tree canopy from 2008 to 2018. That's 891 acres. With the recent passing of the Tree Canopy Preservation Amendment, we are closer to preventing the unnecessary loss of trees to development. Asheville GreenWorks is committed to the community goal of restoring our urban canopy to 50% by 2040. That means we as a community will need to plant 2,500 trees per year. We gave away 780 trees at our 2020 Fall Giveaway - help us to plant even more! >>more info>>

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