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Safety First

Asheville Arborists' approach to safety is with education and training for all staff on a regular basis. Recently, our staff attended the Emergency Response and Aerial Rescue training that was sponsored by the North Carolina Urban Forest Council. This all-day training honed our skills and brought us together as a team to recognize the importance of safety on the job site. Some topics included: rescue readiness, first aid and CPR, risk assessment and management, injury evaluations, self-rescue, climber extraction, rescue ascent, safe equipment maneuvering, and worker positioning. We learned how to support each other in situations that require quick thinking and skill.

In addition, staff practiced their skills with a second training day in early November. This included not only aerial rescue but included safe climbing practices, proper knot-tying for safety, and safe rope-throwing techniques. Our staff has the skill and knowledge they need to perform at their best on the job. Your and our safety are at the highest level of importance when doing our job!

Role Play Rescue Training

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