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Real or Fake?

A December tradition for many people includes choosing a holiday tree.

Fake, plastic, trees are becoming a choice many Americans are making over real trees. After all, a fake tree is a one-time cost, it is easy clean-up, and there is nothing to dispose of.

What do you think this arborist Chooses? Fake or real?

Let's first talk about the choices:

White Spruce - great for ornaments due to stiff needles. Wonderful aroma! Needles need a lot of water.

Balsam Fir - lasts a long time!

Scotch Pine - Holds its needles

White Pine - difficult to decorate due to soft needles

Blue Spruce - great thick needles for decorating. Color is wonderful and rich!

Fake trees come in fancy colors too. Plastic can be environmentally friendly if the tree was used for 20 or more years. Most people use a fake tree for 6-8 years before replacing it. How does this compare environmentally to nature's beauties?

Environmentally, real trees are better because they grow for 10 years before being cut and sold. During this time, they help to lower carbon dioxide in the environment. Trees are also replanted once they are cut and they can also be mulched when disposed of to go back into the earth.

So, this arborist says to "go real" when choosing a holiday tree and enjoy nature's beauty!

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