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Pruning Verses Cabling and Bracing

At times, support systems are needed to mitigate risk associated with weakly attached or over-extended branches. In some cases, tree removal may be the best option. Retaining a tree when possible is always a quality arborist's goal.

Pruning a tree may be considered before installing a support system. If branches are rubbing, it may be helpful to prune both branches to stop the rubbing. It may also be helpful to consider removing a branch. Pruning to develop a good crown can also be beneficial rather than cabling.

A trained arborist can determine what is best for a tree's health. When cabling or bracing is in order, arborists can guide you in what to expect. This may be in order for the following situations: weakly attached branches, cracked stems or branches, over-extended branches, branches subject to greater loads, or rubbing branches.

We can help you to learn how best to preserve your trees for years to come, whether it be through pruning or cabling and bracing.

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