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Mitigating Tree Failure Through Prevention

Trees have been known to withstand hurricanes which baffles some scientists. Certainly, a gust of wind or a thunderstorm is a burden on a tree, but the more branches a tree has, the more chance it has to shake off this energy load. A tree that is over-pruned or not properly pruned can add to the burden on a tree. Decay in a tree can be a major component of failure and structural defects. As trained arborists, we are able to identify these risks of failure and guide you through the process of proper tree maintenance and care. We can prevent and diminish tree failure with our trained eye for ideal cabling and preventive pruning. With the help of our skilled arborists, you will enjoy many years of comfort and shade with the trees you have grown to love.

This topic brings to light the factors of preventative tree care. It is more likely, with wise management practices, the vast majority of trees will last the duration of the human lifetime. Once cut, a tree takes many years to replace it. Careful management can aid in preserving our beloved trees for years to come.

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