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Manager and Arborist Johnny McLeod

What inspires you to do tree work?

There are many things that inspire me in this line of work.  The one that stands out the most now is the comradery built amongst the crew.  We face a new challenge every day on the crew, and I cannot do my job by myself.  Teamwork is the only way we get anything done.  Through sharing hardships and adventures with my crewmates, I have built friendships to last a lifetime.

What is the hardest part of tree work?

The hardest part of tree work, in my opinion, is the wear and tear the work puts on our bodies.  It's a young person's game for a reason.  After the first injury or two, most folks find another line of work.  Those of us who stay have put in unpaid hours to keep ourselves in good shape in order to keep working.  It's often a rewarding process, but sometimes it seems like a never-ending cycle.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job is the adventure.  I used to have to travel to find adventure, and now my adventures come to me.  We go somewhere new every day, and we figure out the plan for the day as we go along.

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