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Is a Growth Regulator Right for Your Trees?

New Urban Forestry says it best when they say that trees sometimes need to slow down, just like people do. The principles of utilizing rest to heal applies to trees as it also does to people. Stress such as insects or external damage can cause a tree to fail. If all of the tree's energy goes into fighting stress, the tree has less energy for food production, growth and normal processes. A tree will continue to grow regardless of the stress it is under. This often causes compromise in the tree and can cause it to fail. By using a growth regulator, arborists are able to increase root systems, increase disease resistance, increase drought tolerance, reduce stress and improve appearance. We, at Asheville Arborists, can help you determine if a growth regulator is right for your trees. We have found great success and benefit from utilizing growth regulators in our PHC (Plant Health Care) practices.

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