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How to Plant a Healthy Tree

After selecting the right tree and the best location, these are the steps for planting a healthy tree:

  • The hole should be 2-3 times the size of the rootball.

  • Plant it with the root flare at or several inches above ground level.

  • If it's a ball and burlap tree, remove the pinning nails and pull the burlap and wire cage back as much as possible. Cutaway as much wire as possible.

  • If it's a containerized tree, feather out the roots for better soil contact.

  • If it's a bare root tree, create a small mound underneath to support the trunk.

  • Backfill halfway and add water. Then complete the backfill and water again.

  • When you backfill, DO NOT tamp the soil down with your feet as it compacts the soil and makes it difficult for roots to spread.

  • Do not pile up mulch around the trunk of the tree (volcano mulching). Make a round berm of mulch around the planting hole to direct water towards the tree roots.

  • Water the tree very well after planting and then every few days. Water at least once a week if there is no rain.

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