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Good Communication on the Job!

A good practice in our company is to use Bluetooth headsets for efficiency and good communication amongst the crew. Using this technology sets us above the rest in many ways. Crew members can carry on a conversation while running loud equipment and be safer and clearer with one another. The days of yelling from the top of a tree are long gone. We have used this technology for a number of years and find it is well worth the investment. Through Bluetooth headsets, all of the crew can be in on the conversation, creating a well-versed synergy of communication. It is essential for clients to know that this technology also restricts our ability to hear them if they are reaching out to us with a question or concern. What is best to do in this case is to stay out of the work zone and flag the crew to come to you and discuss your question or concern. That way, we are keeping everyone safe! Our crew already works well together, and this technology adds so much to our success in getting the job done safely and efficiently.

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