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Getting to know one of our Managers, Andrew Lawson!

Arborist Andrew Lawson
Andrew Lawson

What inspires you to do tree work? I have always been inspired by the strength and resilience of trees and the people who work with them. Being an arborist is rewarding because of the benefits trees provide to everyone. We help people coexist with trees and deal with the uncertainties of being a tree owner.

What is the hardest part of the job? Being an Arborist can be tricky because of the duality of the work. On the one hand, we offer a customer service experience; on the other hand, the work is physically and mentally demanding. Both of these factors contribute to being the most difficult part of the job.

Are you more of an ocean person or a mountain person? I am definitely a mountain person through and through. Growing up in the foothills and mountains of NC has ingrained a sense of home in me associated with our southern Appalachian mountains. The rivers, the beautiful trees, and the views are 3 of the things I hold dear. I also don't like sand very much..

Thanks, Andrew

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