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Building from the Bottom Up!

Mulching a tree can be a good practice when done right. Mulch breaks down and becomes a food source for trees. Not only does mulch look good around trees and flower gardens, but it also improves moisture retention. Soil erosion is also a problem that is helped greatly by mulching. It keeps soil cool, and of course, it provides nutrients to trees and plants. In addition, damage caused by close-moving mowers and weed trimmers is virtually removed!

Excess mulching, on the other side, can provide a serious problem for your trees. Mounds of mulch cause an anaerobic environment. This makes it hard for the tree to fight off disease and insects. It will make it hard for water and oxygen to reach the roots. We recommend not creating a "volcano " mulch pile around your trees. Instead, use 3-4 inches of mulch to surround your tree with a slight distance from the tree trunk.

Some great mulch materials include bark and twigs. Tripple ground hardwood is the best for replicating natural soil. Wood chips provide a good source for mulching. This material decomposes slowly, and it is soft around the trees. Wood chips can also be used around flower beds.

We recommend mulching and feel that the benefits are well worth the effort when it is done right!

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