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At the End of a Rope

As an arborist, I pride myself on going into the canopy of a tree and being successful. Arborists are united in the mission of wearing PPE and tying in appropriately, but no two climbers will attempt a tree the same way. We all have our own style and leave our own mark. As an arborist, I climb to escape and find a world of peace up high in a tree. When I go for a ride or a walk, I often envision how I would climb that tree or look for tie-in points. I can't "not see that." It is how I am wired.

Trees allow us to exercise our bodies and minds in order to tackle problems. Training and experience come to play at a moment's notice. Trees give great views and insight into the world. They stand tall, yet also grow. There is always a moment to enjoy the view from up high.

Problem-solving is a big part of climbing. We call upon our training and experience to problem-solve as we go. When you are up in a dead tree and get the "flight or fight ''chemical rushing into your brain, you know you have to get out of there. When I am scared, I work on breaking things down into smaller parts that I understand and feel confident about. I focus on smaller tasks and take them one step at a time.

On the flip side, when we feel the rush of endorphins to engage in the task at hand, it keeps us wanting more. That is what keeps us staying in the game and adapting to situations as we apply lessons learned to new situations. I take pride in going where no one else is willing to go!

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