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Arborist Jake Handley

What inspires you to do tree work?

The cohesiveness of a solid crew and working with people who are true professionals

What is your favorite part of the job?  Why? 

The relationships formed while doing the work. And getting tips. Actually, getting tipped is my favorite.

Did you think you would grow up to be an arborist?  If not, what did you think you would become?  Explain. 

No, I did not. I thought I would be working in Fish and Wildlife or something along those lines.

What is your favorite tree?  Why?

Sourwood. They grow all crazy…. They will weave around in circles and make 90-degree turns sometimes. They make great honey. The leaves are beautiful bright red in the Fall. They can be mostly hollow and still be super hearty. They are rad.

What is the best vacation you have ever gone on?  What made it so special?

Went to Iceland and toured around the country. The landscape was so foreign but so amazing, and the people were nice but left you alone to experience it.

Do you have pets?  What are their names, and what are they like?

A cat named Missy. She is a 6lb grey tabby with the top of one ear missing. She is very sweet unless you are a dog.

Did you grow up with grandparents?  What did you learn from them?

I grew up with my Grandma Siggy, who taught me how to make delicious desserts and to always eat seafood if it's available.

Are you more of an ocean person or a Mountain person?  Why? 

Ocean. Because it's way cooler.

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