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Arborist Nick Ngaopraseutsack

Do you have pets?  What are they like?

I have three dogs.  Miska is a Malamute; he is very smart and also stubborn.  Ru is a Golden Retriever; she is loving and only wants all the attention.  Lastly, we have Lucy, she is a Golden Doodle, tiny, silly and very playful.

Are you more of a mountain or ocean person?

I was in the Navy from 2011 till 2014.  I was at the ocean the entire time, so I have checked off my list of "Living at the beach."  I did enjoy living at the ocean, but there are many more things to do in the mountains!

What inspires you to do tree work?

The challenge of learning new things and different skills is a great part of the trade.  Learning many different techniques and trying to master the skill of climbing inspires me.  My favorite part of the job as an arborist is being outside with nature every day while at work.

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