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Women in Tree Care

Asheville Arborists fully endorses bringing diversity to our crew. In the past, we have worked with female climbers and feel strongly that this embodies our values for equality in the workforce and diversity. It starts with the most simple of things, such as language. Instead of saying, "hey you guys," we say, "hey y'all." Something as simple as that can make everyone feel it is an inclusive environment.

We believe in a level playing field. We have also had several female office managers for many years. Being a tree care professional does not only mean being up in the trees. Answering phones and being the touch point for customers is also an important role and we embrace having a female presence in the office. This winter we are looking forward to bringing another female climber in to work with us and know that will enrich our team of dedicated professionals. It all comes down to respect and being inclusive.

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