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What to expect with an early Spring?

As we come to the end of the first full week of February, it appears Spring is already in full swing. Daffodils and crocus are steadily pushing out of the ground. Leaves are beginning to unfurl themselves on my Elderberry. I even removed a tick from my leg over the previous weekend. 

While my inner child relishes at the warm sunlight, it is unnerving recognizing the slightly bigger picture. Last winter was similar, aside from two hard freezes. One over Christmas and the other during the spring. In between, plants came alive. The second freeze caused significant damage to a wide variety of plants and trees that were well on the way to the growing season. Some of these trees that had larger internal reserves are able to respond, regrow, and recapture some of the lost investment. Others that aren’t as healthy, simply chose to take the year off, as they didn’t have the reserves to re leaf. 

As we appear to be entering another early Spring, I’m concerned that when we inevitably have our normal late freeze, that many trees simply won’t have the reserves to respond, and will simply succumb to the repetitive environmental stressors. Some additional environmental stressors will likely appear as fungal disease and high pest populations. One significant pest due to arrive this year is the periodic cicadas. 

This insect lays eggs in tiny slits on the ends of branches, causing weaknesses in the branches.  Branches can be seen breaking off, withering or dying. Essentially defoliating a portion of the outer tree. Another possibly stressful situation for a tree at anytime, regardless of other circumstances. 

Asheville Arborists has continued to refine our approach towards proactive tree care management. Addressing factors that can be influenced, to help improve internal energy reserves and ultimately improve overall vigor and vitality. 

A certified Arborist from Asheville Arborists can help to determine your tree's needs and if this is a potential need for you.  Trees without a high energy reserve will often benefit from a vitality improvement and soil care program.  We offer both of these treatments on a regular basis for our customers.  This will boost the energy reserve of your tree and give it more of a chance to fight off pests and disease. Call Asheville Arborists at 828-778-8733 to schedule an inspection by a certified arborist. HERE'S TO HEALTHY TREES!

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