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Tree Pruning 101

There are many reasons to prune a tree. There are two top reasons Asheville Arborists see to prune a tree. The first reason is to reduce the risk of falling limbs that are both dead and alive. This also allows for new growth and protects people and property below the tree. The second reason is more long-term, pruning is done so that there isn't a significant risk of failure 20 years down the road. Pruning maintains the health and the aesthetics of the tree, and that is valuable to homeowners as well.

We, as a policy, never "top" a tree. Topping trees ruin the tree's shape, increase disease and insects, and also make the tree susceptible to storm damage. We do not consider "topping" a tree to be proper pruning.

The best time to prune a tree is late winter or early spring before new growth has come in. The second best time is early to mid-summer. We know that pruning stimulates new growth and is of value to the health of the tree. Asheville Arborists can help you decide which trees need pruning and when it is best.

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