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Estimate Vs. Consultation

Often, folks call in and ask for a free estimate. While we are happy to provide that in most cases, there are times when a consultation is more appropriate. If a potential client knows what they want, i.e., remove that tree, take this branch down, plant this tree there, we will provide a free estimate. If a client wants to have their trees or site assessed along with a recommendation and estimate, we charge a fee to consult. In addition, a consultation is generally provided for a fee for Plant Health Care (PHC) needs, as this also requires a diagnosis to determine the needs of the trees and shrubs. Should a consultation fee be agreed upon, you will enjoy half of the fee credited back to you should work be done with us. We work on all woody stem perennials. When you call the office and speak with Jeannie, she can help you determine what your needs are and how we can best serve you.

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