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Arborist and Mechanic Raymond Nichols

What inspires you to be an arborist?

As a diesel mechanic, some jobs I have had have felt like just selling my time to the earth devouring leviathan.  When working at Caterpillar, I repaired equipment used for the mountain-top removal coal mining that I also spent my weekends protesting.  Working for Asheville Arborists is exceptional in that we can actually have a net positive effect on our biosphere.

What are the challenges and rewards of building your own house?

I was fortunate to buy a melting farm house a few years ago.  It has turned into an all consuming - extra curricular, involving way more repair than I initially expected.  This takes a big bite out of my new Asheville social life.  I love it though!  I know literally everything about my house because I built it with my two hands.  Also, there is a pride in finding a back door to home ownership  in an era of having it out of reach for many or my peers.

Do you have any pets?

I have two elderly blue-heelers, Bandit and Yoohoo.  They started their lives as working dogs, herding goats and sheep by day, chasing off bears at night.  Now that they are teenagers, they have transitioned into being full time couch gremlins.  Though their eyes and ears do not work as well as they used to, when they catch the scent of a bear, they turn right back into fearless protectors.  To this day, the bears know better than to mess with our trash cans due to the vigilance of these two guys.

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